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Azerbaijan offers e-visas in just three hours

September 6, 2017

Azerbaijan is now leading as one of the favorite destination for Arab travellers offering unique places to visit and visas in no time. Until recently Azerbaijan was a stalwart on the Hardest visa to g... View more

Dusit International offers ‘stay three nights, pay two’

July 17, 2017

Global hospitality company Dusit International has reintroduced its Bonus Night promotion offering guests the third night for free when they book to stay at least three consecutive nights at participa... View more

Barr Al Jissah offers three hotels in one

April 24, 2014

NESTLED in between the dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains and pristine waters of the Sea of Oman Shangri-La s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa is set on 124 acres of stunning scenery and home to three l... View more

New Rotana loyalty plan offers three options

April 30, 2005

SIX months of preparation down the road Rotana Hotels has announced the launch of their new Rotana Rewards loyalty plan billed as one of a kind in the hospitality industry. Three different options are... View more



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