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Tri Spectrum

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Tri-Spectrum is 100% wholly owned Saudi Arabian Company founded in 2012. Tri-spectrum is fully integrated in all stages of design, production, quality control, distribution and after sales services. Tri-spectrum’s goal is to manufacture electrical accessories that meet the growing requirements of building segments. Tri-Spectrum’s purpose is to grow the market and provide our customers with state-of-the-art designs that are the safest, most innovative, aesthetically fashionable, and reliable after sales services, where customer satisfaction is treated as at top priority.                                    

Vision, The leading, most profitable and innovative manufacturer of construction electrical products in the region.

Mission, to continually design and manufacture safe, high-quality construction electrical products essential for human progress through mastering innovation and providing quality built-in process.

Tri-spectrum warrants to replace any faulty product during the specified warranty period. Spectra warranted includes Switch Boxes, Switches & Sockets which has 25 years warranty. Electronic products have 5 years warranty.