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Amiantit wins $20m deal

March 6, 2005

Saudi Arabian Amiantit has won contracts totally worth 15 million euros ( 19.87 million). Of this the seven-million euro contract involves supplying GRP pipes with diametres ranging from 250 to 2800 m... View more

Amiantit offers quality products

December 13, 2004

The Amiantit Group a global organisation with a presence in 70 countries including 37 wholly-owned or joint venture manufacturing facilities in 21 countries is the world s biggest manufacturer of glas... View more

Amiantit pipes provide quality

November 16, 2004

Opened earlier this year in Dammam at a cost of SR30 million ( 8 million) Amiantit Epoxy Pipe Production Plant (Amipox) is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility producing high performance glass re... View more

Challenging metal: Amiantit epoxy pipes leading the way

September 27, 2004

The Saudi Arabian Amiantit Group of Companies an industry leader in the manufacture of quality pipe products due to its ownership and development advanced pipe technologies is serving the needs of reg... View more

Amiantit glass re-inforced piping improves city

May 31, 2004

Amiantit fiberglass Industries (AFIL) the Saudi based joint venture supplying Glass-reinforced pipes (GRP) to the growing market in the Kingdom proved its expertise in Yanbu with the recent desalinati... View more

Amiantit starts new epoxy pipe operation

April 26, 2004

Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company started operations at two new pipe manufacturing facilities that extend their production capabilties and positions them to take advantage of the demand for glass reinfor... View more

Amiantit diversifies choice

September 22, 2003

Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company one of the world s leading pipe manufacturers has extended its product range to pipes and storage tanks for the oil and gas industries. This development is part of a mas... View more

Amiantit now the world-class pipe manufacturer

September 23, 2002

In little more than three decades Dammam-based Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company has evolved into a world-class manufacturer of pipes fittings joints tanks insulation and rubber products used across the ... View more



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