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Almajdouie Logistics transports retired MD90 aircraft

November 28, 2016

Saudi Arabia-based Almajdouie Logistics Company (MLC) recently planned executed and managed the complex move of a retired MD90 aircraft from Jeddah International Airport to Riyadh. In collaboration wi... View more

Almajdouie moves giant reactors

June 25, 2012

ALMAJDOUIE Heavylift and MPSC a joint venture between Almajdouie and Fagioli have successfully moved four massive reactor units for a project in Yanbu Saudi Arabia. Almajdouie transported the units fr... View more

Almajdouie sets new record with world’s largest tanks

September 26, 2011

ALMAJDOUIE Heavy Lift Transport and Engineering (MHL) part of the Saudi-Arabia s Almajdouie Group has successfully transported the world s largest bullet tanks over daunting distances for a project in... View more



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